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How do Highway's Recruiting Services help me fill my job openings?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Highway serves employers as a recruiting service provider, offering an expeditious process to deliver top talent suiting each employer's needs.

Highway begins by surveying each employer to deeply understand their hiring needs. A follow-up discussion further clarifies the employer's recruiting requirements and strategy.

Then employers enter a process designed to 1) expose them to a large talent pool and 2) efficiently work through the talent pool to find the right fit for your organization and need.

Employers are introduced to the Highway talent process through a multi-stage process:

  • Each employer holds a 20 min. presentation and Q&A with the talent pool, enabling the talent to become acquainted with the employer
  • Employers are given access to the Employer Portal, where they can review the profiles of the Highway talent, including their portfolios showcasing the outputs of the projects they have completed at Highway
  • Highway facilitates a "speed dating process" whereby employers have quick 5-10 min. meetings with prospective hires
  • Based on the preferences developed through speed dating Highway organizes 3-4 "project reviews" where the employer reviews the outputs of a student's project and then holds a 30 meeting meeting to discuss the project and the outputs with the student.

All through the process the employer is having a weekly call with the Highway team to ensure that the employer's needs are being met and progress is being made towards making a hire.