How does Highway assess applications for admission?

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Highway assesses students during the admissions program to ensure that those who enter the program can succeed in it and in the job they are placed into. Highway assesses applicants for admission to the program based on three factors: commitment, eagerness and aptitude. Before describing these factor in greater detail, it is important to state what is NOT expected to meet these criteria.

First, a college degree is welcome but not required (though a high school degree is). Highway succeeds in placing students in digital marketing careers who do not attend college.

Second, no experience in Marketing Operations is required (though familiarity and eagerness for marketing is important; see below). We do not expect any prior knowledge of the Marketing Operations realm.

We do expect our students to have demonstrated substantial commitment, as success in the program and in a Marketing Operations job requires extensive commitment. Commitment involves the discipline to show up day after day, the persistence to push through challenges, and the dedication to long-term team goals.

It is important to note regarding commitment and the other factors that an applicant can demonstrate fitness for the criteria in many contexts, not just academic ones (though they are welcome). Particularly in demonstrating commitment an applicant can show how they have overcome challenging life circumstances as a powerful method of fulfilling that criteria.

We expect our students to have strong eagerness to pursue a career in digital marketing and in Marketing Operations. The Highway program and digital marketing jobs fit best those who have a strong appetite for the field. We want to understand why such a pathway appeals to you and if possible perceive evidence of that appeal in what you have done historically.

Lastly, we want to ensure that our students have the aptitude to succeed in the program and in a Marketing Operations job. Aptitude does not indicate prior experience or knowledge, but rather indicates that the student possesses the capabilities required to succeed, including:

  • problem-solving: can you figure out challenges when the answer is not immediately evident?
  • quantification: are you comfortable working with numbers and math?
  • digital tools: do you enjoy working with computers? do you love apps?
  • collaboration: do you work well with others?

When Highway admits a student to its program, it wants to ensure that the student can succeed in the program and in the job. It assesses this potential for success through a criteria of commitment, eagerness and aptitude. To understand how this assessment takes place, please read this post on the admissions process.

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