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How does Highway's training work?

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

At Highway Education, our focus is to create job-ready entry-level marketing ops and demand gen professionals who have the real-life skills employers need so their new hires can hit the ground running. When we started building our curriculum plan, we knew it needed to be experiential and task-based: our intention is not to have people memorize content and pass tests, but to be able to demonstrate the capabilities we know employers need.

We spent months interviewing industry experts and real practitioners to build a list of the capabilities and skills they felt were most valuable in a new hire, then we built a curriculum to match. Once we identified and prioritized the list of skills our students would need, we turned our attention to developing practical exercises that would build those muscles - our students spend a little time learning, and a lot of time doing. As we developed the curriculum plan, we kept in close touch with our team of advisors so they could review and provide feedback along the way. They helped us develop the exercises and projects our students will work through, they informed the learning content and resources we share, and they gave their stamp of approval once everything was ready. It's been critical for us to know we're developing students that are job-ready, and we're grateful to all of the industry experts who've lent their expertise and input along the way.

Students will learn their way through eight courses focused on modern marketing operations skills-building. The program is full-time for 16 weeks with live, synchronous instruction and support over internet video. They start with the foundations, learning about the MOps and DG roles, how marketing teams are built, and what drives and defines success for B2B marketing. After we've covered the basics, we dive into the tools and tactical things your junior-level MOps hire will be doing on a day-to-day basis in their new career: building and understanding funnel reports, cleaning up data and uploading it to a MAP for targeting, building campaign assets and mapping out workflows, and reporting and analyzing results across campaigns, the funnel, and even some attribution! We wrap up our program by learning about some more advanced operational concepts like scoring and ABM that will help grow their careers to the next level and make them a really solid asset for your team. Download our curriculum overview guide to see the courses and learning outcomes your next hire will have on arrival.

We know people learn best by doing—and repeating—so that's exactly how we've built our program. As our students go through their learning, they're building portfolios for you to see exactly how they're doing: we share the real artifacts as they're built, to show that our students can do what we say they can. Each exercise a student completes is reviewed and graded by their instructor, and then portfolio items are uploaded for employer review. This means our students are getting constant feedback and guidance so they build a real understanding of their work - not just churning out content that may or may not be done correctly or in the best way. It's important to us that we showcase their best work, but that it's also real work that gives you confidence in their abilities.