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How does the program work to get students jobs?

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Highway is not a training program. It is a digital marketing career launchpad.

Our social mission and our financial model depend on ensuring our students get jobs: we don't get paid a cent unless that happens.

So everything we do is based around the outcome of students getting jobs.

First we have not one but two sets of customers for whom we solve problems: yes students but also employers. We bring the employers to the students.

We reach out to Marketing Operations employers through our extensive networks in the industry. They have a big problem too: there's a lack of supply of talent. We solve that for them.

We show them that we have an employer-designed curriculum that ensures our graduates are job-ready day one. We connect them with out students during the program. We direct employers to students' portfolios so they can see the proof of student's aptitude. We meet with the employers regularly to ensure they are finding the talent match they need.

And then with students, we connect the students with these employers during the program. We start with casual meetings prior to interviews. We coach students on how to handle interviews. And once students get job offers, we advise them through the negotiation process until the job offer is signed.

We stay on this—bringing in employers, promoting students—until every student gets a job. Because that's our job. We're not just a training program. We are a digital marketing career launchpad.

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