How much does Highway cost? Do I pay anything if I don't get a job?

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Highway offers two ways for students to pay: they can pay a traditional up-front tuition or they can pay a Outcome-Driven Tuition (or "ODT"). The price of the traditional up-front tuition is $16,000. The Outcome-Driven Tuition is similar to the Income Share Agreement structure that many bootcamps use, but has some differences.

First students using the ODT do not pay Highway anything until they are making $55,000 a year or greater in a job that uses skills learned at Highway. Highway's commitment to students is to launch them in a high-paying job and Highway does not charge until and unless that happens.

If the student does succeed in obtaining a job paying over $55,000 a year, then the student does pay Highway one of three amounts (in addition to their deposit) depending on what tier their salary is in:

Annual Income Level Monthly Payment
Between $55,000 and $65,000 $380
Between $65,000 and $75,000 $445
More than $75,000 $510

The student permanently stops paying when any one of the following three conditions are met:

  • Total payments (including the deposit) have reached $23,000 (i.e. payment cap)
  • The student has made 48 payments (no matter what the total is)
  • Eight years have passed since the student signed their Outcome Tuition contract

In addition, students' payments pause if their salary ever drops below $55,000 a year.

Premium Employers

As Highway recruits employers and matches them with students to solve employer hiring needs, Highway also signs up a tier of Premium Employers. These Premium Employer pay Highway a $10,000 fee for Highway's services in finding them a new hire. In turn Highway reduces the payment cap of the student that the Premium Employer hired by $10,000, from $23,000 to $13,000. 

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