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Why Should I Hire Highway Talent?

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Highway is the only source of qualified, job-ready, and values-aligned junior talent for the Marketing Operations and Demand Gen industry.

Over the last 10-15 years the Marketing Ops & Demand Gen have gone from nascent strategies to critical competencies across the marketing world. As the field has exploded the demand for talent has exploded too. However traditional sources of entry-level talent—specifically colleges—have developed no training for this sector. Most of those who enter MOPs / DGen "fall into" their first role, and this piecemeal approach does not come close to satisfy demand.

As a result there is a tremendous talent shortage in MOPs / DGen. Existing talent continues to command higher and higher compensation with no "fresh blood" entering the ecosystem.

Highway provides employers with the supply of qualified junior-level talent that they need to power their MOPs / DGen performance. Highway's unique training program is developed and delivered by industry veterans. With a focus on developing job-ready experience, Highway's graduates repeatedly perform projects simulating the actual role.

Highway serves its employer clients as a recruiter, learning about and tailoring a talent solution to each employer's hiring needs. Highway works closely with employers across the hiring process to ensure an expedient and effective experience in bringing on top-performing talent.

In addition Highway is a BCorp with a legal commitment to its social mission to expand opportunity and improve inclusion. Many employers find additional value in how Highway aligns their hiring practices to their social values. Employers specifically looking to achieve DEI objectives find Highway to be an effective partner.